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Mountain Formation
Mountains are formed in two ways, either by the crust of the Earth being forced up (see Plate Tectonics), or by the action of Volcanoes. Try these links:

Mountain Climbing
As George Leigh Mallory said when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest , ‘Because it is there.’

Mountains in the Solar System
The tallest mountain in the solar system is Olympus Mons on Mars at over 24 km high! Mount Everest is only 8 km high.

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Did you know that a 2005 National Survey determined that one-third of adult Canadians can be considered “geographically illiterate”?

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“Geography is the lens for the soul of the earth. With the knowledge of geography, one can examine the earth’s past, assess the present and predict future situations. You can literally be ‘lost’ without geography!”

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