BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of the quantity of dissolved oxygen used by bacteria as they break down organic wastes. In slow moving and polluted rivers, much of the available dissolved oxygen is consumed by bacteria, robbing other aquatic organisms of the dissolved oxygen needed to live.

  • Submerge the small tube (0125) into the water sample. Carefully remove the tube, keeping the tube full to the top. Cap the tube.

  • Wrap the rube with aluminum foil and store it in a dark place at room temperature for 5 days.

  • Unwrap the tube. Add two Dissolved Oxygen TesTaO 0976) to the test tube.

  • Cap the tube. Make sure there are no air bubbles. Invert until tablets have disintegrated. Wait 5 min

  • Compare the color of the sample to the Dissolved Oxygen color chart..

    The difference in the Dissolved Oxygen level between the uncovered tube and the covered tube is the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) of the water sample.