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Indigenous Educational Resources

The importance of education as a tool for reconciliation cannot be emphasized enough. Indigenous history, languages and cultures are an integral part of our social and geographic landscape. Throughout Canada’s history, Indigenous Peoples have been marginalized and oppressed, but recently there has been a concentrated movement to understand and acknowledge the perspectives of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit.

In that vein, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Canadian Geographic, and Canadian Geographic Education have worked closely with Indigenous partners and storytellers to produce content and educational resources that reflect the experiences and knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. One of the biggest and most important projects that the Society has undertaken to-date is the Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada. Recognizing that the stories were not ours to tell, the RCGS collaborated with a number of Indigenous and ally organizations and educators from across Canada to create this extraordinary atlas and its accompanying educational materials.

The following resources are just a small piece of the bigger picture and we highly encourage all educators to reach out to Indigenous communities, organizations and groups in their area to learn more.

Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada (IPAC)

Lesson Plans

Canada from Space learning resources in Inuktitut

Malerualik Expedition

Google Earth Voyager stories

A selection of articles from Canadian Geographic:

Indigenous activities written by Can Geo Education members (resources to be added soon)

Additional resources:



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