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In the classroom

There are countless ways to use Canadian Geographic in your classroom. Our executive members are writing activities for all upcoming issues. Check them out below.

If you use Canadian Geographic with your students, let us know what you do!

July/August 2017

TITANS of the Great Lakes

January/February 2017

On the Map: To Preserve and Protect

December 2016

Canada’s National Bird
‘… Eating microplastic threads. What does that do to you? Unknown.’

October 2016

City Views
City of Crows

July 2016

The Polar Blog — tiny creatures, big lessons

June 2016

In a Snap

April 2016

‘I was adored once too’
Lake Winnipeg Watershed Map

January/February 2016

How to become a coureur des bois in two days
Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit

The Malerualik Expedition in Inuktitut:
Download teaching activities for the Malerualik expedition in Inuktitut

December 2015

Blame Canada: Charting the Canadian native species invading foreign ecosystems
A plan comes together

October 2015

Drawn From Victory

June 2015

Earthquakes: The Big One

April 2015

A Weighty Matter
The Geography of Obesity

January/February 2015

The Big Bad Wolf?
The National Bird Project
Fine Specimens

Did you know that a 2005 National Survey determined that one-third of adult Canadians can be considered “geographically illiterate”?

Top 10 reasons to study geography…

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“Geography is the lens for the soul of the earth. With the knowledge of geography, one can examine the earth’s past, assess the present and predict future situations. You can literally be ‘lost’ without geography!”

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