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Welcome to the Can Geo Education’s online resource section.

Canadian Geographic Education Learning Centre



Giant floor maps: Canadian Geographic Education’s giant floor map program is an innovative approach to teaching Canadian students about geography. Through the roughly 11-metre by 8-metre floor maps, students complete activities that take them out of the classroom and into the great big world of geography.

Tiled maps: Download free pdfs of any of Canadian Geographic Education’s tiled maps and accompanying teaching sheet to encourage students to explore Canada piece by piece.

Lesson Plans: ready-to-use lesson plans on a variety of topics that were written by qualified Canadian Geographic Education teachers and are available for the appropriate curriculum within each provincial and territorial jurisdiction

Classroom Activities: ready-to-use classroom activities on a variety of topics with some using maps produced by Canadian Geographic

Teaching About Geographical Thinking: teachers wanting to engage students in geographical thinking through critical inquiry will find this book a very welcome resource
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Canadian Geographic



Canadian Geographic Magazine: explores Canada’s wildlife, nature and culture through award-winning articles, exquisite photography and original cartography. Canadian Geographic Education members receive a 50% discount off of a one-year subscription!

Canadian Geographic Mapping

Canadian Geographic Travel

Can Geo in the classroom: With each new issue of Canadian Geographic, Canadian Geographic Education creates learning activities linked to the topical and current and articles featured on the pages of the magazine.

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Why study geography?



Faces of Geography - Where can geography take you?: These interviews give a first-hand look at real-life geography. Discover the wide range of career opportunities that a geographic education can present to you.

Top 10 Reasons to Study Geography: a one-page document stating “Ten Reasons Why Every Student Should Study Geography”. Hand out to students, teachers or post in your classroom!
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Canadian Geographic magazine is an excellent resource for teachers and students. It provides posters in both official languages, such as the St. Lawrence Seaway map, as well as short geography related news items suitable for current events. In addition, the June issue each year is devoted to environmental issues such as wind energy.”

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