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Another Calgarian Wins Canadian Geographic Challenge
For the second year in a row a Calgarian has won the Canadian Geographic Challenge. After two hours of intense questioning about every aspect of geographical study, Jack Cheng, 15, is our new national geography student champion. “I’m glad I won,” said Cheng. “But this competition was also about meeting new friends, learning more about the world and visiting Ottawa, which is the first time for me.” The Western Canadian High School student will be ... Full story »

Top Five bound for Canadian Geographic (Can Geo) Challenge final
It’s been a busy day. The 20 Grade 7 to 10 student contenders spent an hour answering tough questions on topics ranging from geology and wildlife to international capitals. Then it was off to Victoria Island, a trade, spiritual and cultural exchange centre for the Algonquin nation on the Ottawa River to for a fieldwork test. They had to prove their map skills in a scavenger hunt to identify tree species, cultural landmarks and unique metals. It wasn’t ... Full story »

The Quest to find Canada’s next Geography champion is on!
Twenty teen geography phenoms are coming to Ottawa; five will make the finals. Only one will be crowned the Canadian Geographic Challenge National Champion. You can witness the students navigate their way through the high-powered gauntlet of questions in this game show-style competition. Here’s a taste of the kind of questions the students will face: Grain from western Canada can be shipped through Hudson Bay when this port is open. Name the ... Full story »

Classroom Energy Diet Challenge begins!
Teachers and students get into Energy saving mode as Classroom Energy Diet Challenge begins. Read more. Full story »

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