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Stuart Semple Scholarship for Atlantic Canada



Listing of past recipients of the Stuart Semple Scholarship for Atlantic Canada.

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The Stuart Semple Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating student of geography in Atlantic Canada to pursue a B.Ed. degree, with a view to him or her becoming a geography teacher at a school in the region.  
Stuart Semple (professor emeritus with Mount Allison University) received the Canadian Geographic Literacy Award from the Canadian Geographic Education in 2010 and a cash prize from the National Geographic Society.  He has devoted the entire prize money to improving geographical education in Atlantic Canada.  A fund for that purpose has been established with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

The purpose of the Stuart Semple Scholarship is to engage departments of geography and faculties of education in Atlantic Canada in promoting the sound teaching of sound geography in the schools of Atlantic Canada.  

Beginning in 2011, and for the duration of the fund, departments of geography will be enabled, in sequence, to nominate a graduating student with a Major or Minor in geography to receive a $1,000 scholarship, payable toward fees for a B.Ed. program in Atlantic Canada that prepares the student to teach geography/social studies at junior or senior high school level.  In return, the recipient will be expected to present a paper at the annual meeting of ACAG in the final year of his or her B.Ed. program.

Sequence of Geography Departments to nominate a graduating student for the award:
2011:  Mount Allison
2012:  Moncton
2013:  Saint Mary's
2014:  Memorial

Nomination Process
The appropriate department of geography in any year will inform Can Geo Education of the student who is being nominated for the award and will provide relevant information on the nominee. Students interested in this scholarship should therefore apply to the Head of their Department of Geography.

Application Guidelines and How to Apply
The nominated student is required later in the same year of nomination to apply for admission to a B. Ed. program at a university in Atlantic Canada, to train as a teacher of geography/social studies (junior high or senior high school).

Upon acceptance into a B. Ed. Program, the nominee applies to Can Geo Education for a bursary in the amount of $1,000.  The nominee must support the application with documentary evidence of being registered in the B. Ed. program as outlined above.

Recipients of the bursary will be expected to present a paper at the annual meeting of the Atlantic Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers (ACAG) in the final year of their two-year B. Ed. Program; or at the first annual meeting of ACAG after they have graduated from a shorter B. Ed. Program.  The paper may be developed from one that they prepared during their B. Ed. Studies; in any case, it should address an aspect of geographical education or teaching at the school level.

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