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Geographic Education 'Live' to your classroom!

One of Canada’s most popular ‘live’ educational adventures is back for elementary schools through a partnership between the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, Canadian Council for Geographic Education and CanaTREK. Last year, schools throughout Canada followed the expedition climbing team that successfully stood on top of Canada on Mount Logan.

This year students can participate in CanaTREK’s learning program planned for May, 2009. There are two climbs currently under consideration:

- An expedition to the highest point on Nunavut Barbeau Peak on Ellesmere Island, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Nunavut

- An expedition to the top of British Columbia on Fairweather Mountain

Educational emphasis is on geography, environment, nutrition, health and fitness, team building, and technology. There are 8 weeks of lesson plans supported by video conferences with the expedition team. Once the expedition starts on approximately May 9 th, students will be able to follow the climbers’ progress on the Internet, listen to the daily audio blogs and even listen to live conference calls between students and the climbers.

There will be a small group of schools selected that will be able to go ‘live’ with the expedition both in video and audio conferences. There is also a health and fitness activity challenge with amazing prizes and rewards for participating students. The majority of the programs are free with additional program opportunities available on a cost recovery basis.

With the expedition motto “Believe, Image and Explore” we can all take education to new heights from the classroom to the top of Nunavut or British Columbia. Take the first step on an adventure of a lifetime which your students will never forget. “Telling Canadians and the world about Canada – One step at a Time” on the trail to higher learning from the mountain right to your classroom!

For more information on CanaTREK visit To learn more or register for one of the limited number of spaces available for this year’s expedition, email James Coleridge, Expedition Leader

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