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Canadian Atlas Online growing again!

The Canadian Atlas Online is growing again with the addition of twelve (12) new themes. Supported by a third grant from the Canadian Culture Online Program of Canadian Heritage, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is drawing on the highly-regarded Historical Atlas of Canada ( University of Toronto Press) for topics ranging from early trading networks to urbanization. These historical topics will be complemented by two current ones. The Canadian Space Agency’s Youth Awareness program is funding a theme on earth observation satellite technology. And in conjunction with the Canadian Wind Energy Association, CAOL will examine wind energy in Canada past, present and future.

The Canadian Council for Geographic Education is once again partnering with the RCGS to produce high-quality lesson plans to complement the new CAOL themes. Written by CCGE members, these lesson plans will come online in winter and spring 2009.

In the coming weeks, the CCGE will be seeking your opinions on the CAOL lesson plans. When you receive the electronic survey, please take a few moments to fill it out. Your feedback will help strengthen the educator resources on the website. And your name will be entered in a draw to win a copy of the book that began it all: The Canadian Atlas: Our Nation, Environment and People (an $80 value).

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Did you know that a 2005 National Survey determined that one-third of adult Canadians can be considered “geographically illiterate”?

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