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Teachers preparing lessons on fresh water for this year’s Geography Awareness Week, from November 14 to 20, will find a flood of information at The Canadian Atlas Online (CAOL). A thematic module on watersheds, developed in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, outlines the hydrological cycle, drainage basins and cross-border issues, among other topics.

Canadian Geographic is also producing new online tools to increase public awareness of our 595 watersheds. An interactive map will enable users to identify their home watersheds, learn about the issues affecting them and get involved. The initiative is supported by the RBC Blue Water Project.

An additional CAOL thematic module on watershed protection, which will include Flash animation, audio narration, games and quizzes, is being developed.

The map and new module will be released at The Canadian Atlas Online in June 2011, along with Canadian Geographic’s special issue on watersheds.

— Amy Smart

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Did you know that a 2005 National Survey determined that one-third of adult Canadians can be considered “geographically illiterate”?

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